Is it REAL ......

or just another SCAM???

We are occasionally asked whether this information is real, or whether it is just another scam - like the Nigerian Fraud letters, or other questionable ventures.

You will find sites on the Internet which are quite scathing regarding the idea that a person could be set up as a "Corporation Sole", but you will find that these same sites either (a) have been established directly or indirectly by authorities who are extremely upset that this - up till now - secret means of protecting one's assets has been revealed to the public at large (Nothing is sacred on the Internet!); or (b) contain outrageously false information in order to discourage people from considering the use of a corporation sole, and direct them rather to the asset protection facilities which they themselves offer ....!

Perhaps they are inferring that many governments, federal/provincial/state and regional have acted improperly by passing Acts which allow the incorporation of a "SCAM" - the Corporation Sole??? Many of these Acts are actually posted on the Internet.

We agree that they are acting improperly - this is outside their jurisdiction! It is strictly a Church (spiritual) matter and not a temporal matter.

In the U.S.A. the I.R.S. state openly that the CORPORATION SOLE is tax-exempt and does not even have to apply for tax exemption. So where's the scam?

If you read ALL the documents on this website, which was set up to be the ultimate resource on the subject of the Corporation Sole, you will be left in no doubt whatsoever as to how it came about, how it was used and how it has been 'abused' by politicians - who are not within the Church - yet none of them have complained about a 'scam.'

If you approach us for the establishment of a Corporation Sole which does not conform to our recommendations, we may point out to you that there are possibly other valid forms of constitution more appropriate for your purpose, before creating one as per your instructions.

So if you are still uncertain ...... keep on reading! There is enough reference material here to satisfy the Pope himself ............... after all, this is all on His original Authority!

We offer this unrivalled service for much less than other offerings: if someone else offers it for $5,000 or $10,000 ..... would that be considered a scam? [we are not sggesting that it is]

Have you heard about the I.R.S. scam??? Perhaps by the time you read this they will have been disbanded and monies refunded ....! Check out N.E.S.A.R.A.

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