The philosophy of the Order is contained in the Doctrinal Statement of the NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, which is the parent organisation.

Its teachings are based upon the Book of Levi, the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, the Light given for the Age of Aquarius, enhanced by other sacred works, given through the ages, and such other enlightenment as may continue to be received.

Man is in essence spiritual, not material nor physical: the physical body may be destroyed, but the spirit or soul therein is immortal.

Man's sojourn upon this plane from time to time is a period of testing, a planned educational experience in a program of soul growth with the ultimate aim of returning from whence he came, of being reunited with his Creator.

In order to enjoy the advantages of the Age of Aquarius, an Age of Enlightenment, of peace and of brotherly love, man's consciousness must be raised to a higher level through greater understanding of what he is, why he is here and his purpose on this plane in this lifetime ...... he must Walk in the Light. Each progression from age to age requires a higher level of consciousness, or more intense awareness, a more complete understanding.

Only on Love can a lasting society be founded.


The purpose of the Order is the dissemination of knowledge concerning man's relationship with his Creator, his purpose on this Earth plane, and such other knowledge as will encourage his spiritual development.

At this critical period in man's history this will include such information as will help him understand current times as well as these times which lie immediately ahead and which will help ensure satisfactory maintenance of the physical body so long as it may be required.

The AQUARIAN TEMPLE acts as a forum for those who are or wish to become Disciples of the NEW AGE.


Grand Master
Office Staff

The Secretary and Treasurer may be members of the Order; office staff will not normally be members of the Order, but members may participate in its administration.

Forms and Rituals

There shall be no formal dogmas, doctrines, pomp, rituals or Incantations used in the work of the Order, but there shall be an understanding of the origins and purpose of various traditions handed down and these may be used at appropriate times and with understanding rather than blind adherence to ritualistic tradition.


The Order of the AQUARIAN TEMPLE is a Division of the NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION and is managed by a Board of Management as defined by the Foundation which is comprised of two Foundation representatives in an ex-officio capacity and by twelve Templars appointed by their peers but always including the Grand Master of the Order.

The Order shall be managed under the rules hereby given and expanded by the articles contained in the "Introduction to the NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION", pages 63 - 68 ("The Aquarian Temple", "NEW AGE THEOLOGY"), as amended from time to time, and by such other rules as may be prescribed by the Board of Management.

Membership - General

The Grand Master of the Temple is not to be deified, worshipped or otherwise set apart from mankind but accepted as a fellow Templar whose duties include that of ensuring that the actions of the Order and its members are in accordance with the established aims and purposes of the Order, carried out in a spirit of serving mankind without personal gain; and to guide his fellow Templars in making policy and other decisions.

Adherence to the philosophy that worldly goods or possessions are not sought, that property - other than that which can be properly defined as being strictly of a personal nature - should be available to those who have a need for it at such times as they may require it, rather than an individual amassing private wealth, assets or other belongings, is a prerequisite for admission to membership.

Assets of any kind however deteriorate in their value and usefulness unless properly maintained or kept: this can only be achieved by delegating responsibility for their upkeep or protection to an individual who can 'be trusted and whose reliability is not in question. The assets of the Temple will therefore be protected by being placed under the care of members of the Order, although this does not infer that the items may or must be removed from the Temple itself.

There shall be no discrimination with regard to age, sex, race or colour in admission to membership and all references in matters pertaining to the Order shall be construed as applying to both male and female unless specifically stated otherwise.

Admittance to Membership

An applicant for membership shall apply to the Secretary of the Order in such form as may from time to time be prescribed, under the terms which are in force at the time of application. The application will be considered by the Board of Management, comprised of Templars, and accepted or refused by the Grand Templar under such conditions which may be deemed appropriate at the time.

Rank of Membership

Those who have been newly accepted as Members are initiated as Temple Assistants and are considered to have put at least one foot down on the road to understanding by accepting the stated philosophy of the Temple and of the Foundation.

Once an Assistant has demonstrated responsibility and a fuller understanding of the philosophy he may be made an Elder of the Temple.

Once an Elder has shown the ability and understanding to teach others in one form or another he may be made a Priest of the Temple with authority to disseminate information to the general public on the teachings of the Aquarian Temple as an accepted minister of religion or member of the clergy.

A Priest who has progressed satisfactorily along the path of understanding and whose character and sense of responsibility have shown that he is suited for promotion to the full rank of Templar will be so elected by the Board of Management subject to any restrictions or vacancies in the numbers so allotted for this rank.

For each physical Temple established there shall be one Templar appointed to administer affairs of that Temple and be shall be known as the Master Templar of that particular Temple but this shall be considered an appointment rather than a rank.

Assistants and Elders are the Initiates or those in preparatory stages for the endeavours to be carried out; Priests and Templars are the Adepts of the Order and may be allowed to take a 'vow of poverty' if they so desire. This shall indeed be the ultimate object of a Member, although it shall not be compulsory.

The structure of the Temple may be revised from time to time to meet the growing needs of the organisation and also to meet the needs of the times.

Duties and Activities

The Foundation undertakes to provide participants in its operations with all their material needs, so far as it is within their means from time to time, in exchange for the provision of their expertise and ability in such fields as may be required by the Divisions of the Foundation at any time.

A participant in the AQUARIAN TEMPLE division of the Foundation becomes a member of the Order of the AQUARIAN TEMPLE and as such will be eligible to take a vow of poverty. Although this is not irrevocable, it should not be entered into unless it is made with the clear intention of permanently upholding this vow.

A participant may also undertake part-time or 'full-time' employment elsewhere, so long as a significant contribution is considered to be rendered to the Order and that hours outside these work-hours are available for work in connection with the Order. Income from this additional employment can be made over directly to the Order (or through a bank account of the Foundation assigned to the AQUARIAN TEMPLE), allowing this amount to accrue tax-free to the Order so long as the individual has taken a vow of poverty.

The duty of a member of the Order is to relieve the sick and discouraged and to make a constructive contribution to man's understanding of his relationship to his Creator, encouraging a working together of all of mankind without religious or other prejudice. This specifically implies a need not for a life of prayer and seclusion but for a positive approach in the crusade for the dissemination of knowledge in preparation for a New Age of increased awareness, of spirituality, a higher state of consciousness.

The activities of a member may be limited at any time to the sphere of healing, teaching, writing or research - and each member shall be expected to carry out duties in all of these areas at one time or another.

The philosophy may be disseminated or taught by word of mouth or by writings published in sheet, pamphlet or book form or by the use of any audio, electronic or visual media which may be deemed appropriate. It will at all times be promoted passively.

Healing of the physical body must be preceded by the healing of the spiritual body, of the mind, and assisted by such tools as may be suitable or acceptable by the individual from time to time to convince the mind that healing is taking place.

Healing will be offered to all, and not limited to those in sympathy with the views of the Order.

Research may take any form of enquiry into the relationship between man and his Creator; into other religious or spiritual organisations, their doctrines and practices; and into man's purpose upon this Earth plane or other planes.

Activities may be allowed which are not specifically within the stated philosophy of the Order but which may be construed as being for the positive advancement of mankind's knowledge and understanding.

Templars may be allocated a geographic area or territory for the dissemination of knowledge to the general public and priests may be allocated an area within this territory.

In general there will be no restriction on the territory in which a Templar or Priest may practise, preach or otherwise disseminate knowledge or carry out the duties of his office, but when in territory specifically allocated to another Templar he shall have the courtesy to inform the Incumbent Templar of his visit and of the nature of his Intended work and itinerary.


Recognising that the frequency of thought has a material effect on the environment, members shall at all times use knowledge positively, act and think constructively and for the benefit of all, and conduct themselves in such a way as befits messengers of the Order. Do unto others as you would have them do to you; this is a maxim which will be rediscovered in the days to come. You are the harbingers of this NEW AGE.

A member of any rank who is known, or said, to be promulgating information or knowledge which does not appear to be In harmony with the stated philosophy or policy of the Temple or of the Foundation, or whose actions or personal behaviour is at variance with the expected decorum of his position, or which appears to demean the Foundation or any of its activities, or to be unbecoming in any other manner of his position, may be required to appear before a committee of Templars or of his superiors to explain his actions. This committee shall report to the Grand Master of the Temple with a recommendation for action to correct any such shortcomings and the decision of the Grand Master shall be binding upon the member concerned, and may extend to cancellation of all the rights and privileges of membership in the Order.


There shall be no requirement for members to dress uniformly or in any uniform. Dress will not be garish but efficient and practical, appropriate to the occasion, location and season. While neither the appearance of a beggar nor of a king are desirable, an Impression of cleanliness and tidiness must always be maintained. The thoughts from within are mirrored in the outer appearance. Do not stand out in the crowd.

Poverty should infer a lack of personal possessions rather than incapacity for one's purpose in life.

(November 1986)

© COPYRIGHT: Milson Macleod 1986

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