We do not apply for a NON-REPORTING EIN on your behalf.

You can be do this electronically as follows:-

  1. Go to the relevant IRS page for Forms
  2. In the "Form Search" box enter "SS-4"
  3. "Fed SS-4" appears three times. There is a charge for each document (they will not even allow you read the instructions for free ..... so we are going to give you the questions and answers which you need on the electronic application, which is the first entry on this page (as a special offer in red).
  4. This brings you to "IRS TAX ID Number Application" - and the process provided by a company called Click box marked "Next"
  5. This brings you to an almost identical page, but with optional explanations about the form and the process. Again click box marked "Next".
  6. "Are you a new user" - click box marked "New user"
  7. "Create new SS-4 application" enter your e-mail address and choose a password. Click box marked "Next".
  8. "Legal name" enter name of CORPORATION SOLE for whom the EIN is being requested. Click box marked "Next".
  9. "Trade name" ignore this question and click box marked "Next".
  10. "Executor, trustee, "care of" name" ignore this question also and click box marked "Next".
  11. "Mailing Address" enter your mailing address (to which EIN is to be sent). click box marked "Next"
  12. "Physical Street Address" is your business's physical street address the same as your mailing address? check yes or no button, then click box marked "Next"
  13. "Physical Street Address" enter your physical street address only if different from your mailing address (no P.O. boxes please). Click box marked "Next"
  14. "County and State" what county is your entity's primary physical location within? complete then click box marked "Next".
  15. "Principal Officer" enter name of Overseer. Click box marked "Next".
  16. "Principal SSN" social security number, ITIN, or EIN of principal officer, which is the Overseer. Enter and then click box marked "Next".
  17. "Type of Entity" Select "16-Other", then click box marked "Next".
  18. "Other Organization Type

    " enter "Corporation Sole" then click box marked "Next".

  19. "Reason for applying" From the drop-down menu choose "04-Banking purpose" then click box marked "Next".
  20. "Specify banking purpose" Leave entry as is (open business account) then click box marked "Next".
  21. "Date business started or acquired

    " Enter startup date in format shown, which automatically shows today's date, then click box marked "Next".

  22. "Closing month of accounting year" this question is irrelevant. Leave as completed ("December") and click box marked "Next".
  23. "First date wages paid" Ignore and click box marked "Next".
  24. "Number of employees" shown as "0". Ignore and click box marked "Next".
  25. "Principal activity of business" choose "12-other" from dropdown menu
  26. "Other principal activity" Ignore and click box marked "Next".
  27. "Line of merchandise" Ignore and click box marked "Next".
  28. "Past ein application" has the applicant ever applied for an employer identification number for this or any other business. Check as relevant and click box marked "Next".
  29. "Applicant information" enter CORPORATION SOLE name, under title of applicant enter 'CORPORATION SOLE", telephone and fax numbers, then click box marked "Next".
  30. "Preview completed application" "You are now done with the data entry portion of your SS-4 application. you can preview your completed application by clicking the link below. you may then return to make corrections or proceed to the payment and IRS delivery steps. to review, check "Review SS-4 Application""
  31. (program crashed!)
Charge as of October 2006 was $19.95

You may get this e-mail when apply for an EIN online:
"Welcome to our online EIN application filing wizard. We hope you'll agree there's never been a faster or easier way to get your EIN. When your application is complete, just click the "Online" button in the "IRS delivery options" screen at the end of the data entry process. Your EIN application will be delivered immediately to the IRS and you can expect to have your EIN in about 10 seconds.

This e-mail does not indicate that you have chosen to use our service, only that you have begun an application. If you have any questions, please visit our Support Center at Customer Service"

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